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2018 West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse
Select Program 

Select League Information

Our Boys' Select Teams are open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys.  If a player is selected for this team, he must commit to make all practices, training, games, tournaments and other events included in the Select Commitment.  Exceptions will be allowed for Family, School, Health or Religion.  If a player is unable to fulfill ALL of the obligations of the Select Team, the Program Director must be notified prior to Select Evaluations.  Inability to fulfill these requirements will be factored into player selection by the Program Director and discretion of the WFYL Board.


One of the most common questions about select teams is playing time.  Playing time does not need to be equal on this team.  Parents should address any questions about playing time prior to evaluations with WFYL.


Select teams are meant for advanced players who are serious about the sport and ready for more hours of practice and preparation.  The number of hours per week these teams dedicate to the team is not for everyone.  If you can't commit to team practices/events throughout the select season, there's a spot for your son on one of the recreational teams.



Registration details will be sent to the league in the very near future.  You will need to be registered for our spring program in order to attend evaluations. 



November 5th

  • Junior Select - 1:00-4:00
  • Senior Select - 4:00-7:00


November 6th and 7th - 6 to 8 PM

  • Hold for rainouts and call backs


Location:  Sawnee Mountain Park Field 10



Our Select Head Coaches will be Kyle Pepple (Senior) and Mike Hannon (Junior).  Both teams will be assisted by several other volunteer coaches.


Select Commitment:

  • November Evaluations
  • January:   Practices as determined by the coaching staff.  We are targeting some weekends and one pre-season week (either Jan 22-25 or Jan 29 – Feb 2) in the evenings.
  • February: Practices begin and there will be 3 per week, days will vary
  • 1 to 2 games per week including weekday games
  • Lacrosse Tournament(s) weekends of June 2/3, June 9/10, and June 16/17.  The Junior Select team will play 2 of these 3 weekends and the Senior Select team will play all 3 weekends.  More information on specific tournaments will be shared after teams have been announced.
  • Players must commit to fulfill all requirements from November through June
  • WFYL Select Fee(s):        We are in the process of finalizing fees for the season, but we expect the fees to be in these ranges: 725-775 for Junior and 850-900 for Senior.  These fees will include the Base Registration fee for spring, all uniform pieces required, and registration fees for the summer tournaments.  NOTES – There will not be a need to register separately for summer tournaments as there has been in the past.  Fees will be due in installments, not all at the time of registration.


If you intend on playing lacrosse in summer tournaments, it will be our expectation that we stay together as a program because you and your player want to be part of and support the WFYL program.  We want our Select players to get used to playing together, build friendships, work as teammates, gel as a team and prepare to play together at West Forsyth High School.  If you have any conflicts in the summer, these should be brought to WFYL's attention prior to select evaluations. 


If you have any questions, please email